Kayaking Ha Long Bay

Come explore all the beauty that Northern Vietnam has to offer, from the food, people and the amazing scenery.  Paddling in Ha Long Bay is a paddling experience like no other.

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Eagle Hunting In Mongolia

If you are looking for a true adventure off the beaten path, then the Eagle Festival in Mongolia is for you.  You will immerse yourself in one of the last true nomadic peoples, learn how they hunt and enjoy the culture.

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Relax in the Bahamas

We offer two Bahamas adventures, one you get to kayak daily and camp, the other you get to luxury on our catamaran.

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I thought the Patagonia trip was the most amazing adventure and have told so many of my friends about it. Thank you to all for making it a great adventure and for being wonderful companions.


Adventure Sherpas has been a leader in the Adventure Travel Industry since 1994. Our care for the environments and communities we travel to has defined our company and made us proud to travel the world with friends and clients.

We specialize in adventure trips for small groups to far away remote destinations — such as Mongolia, Brazil, Greenland, and Vietnam. We create adventure tours in Italy and France, and we lead adventure kayaking trips in places such as the Bahamas, Kerala, and down the Ganges in India. How about sea kayaking among whales and their calves in Argentina? Or trekking along a tiny path to a monastery in the high mountains of Bhutan? Or paddling to an isolated beach in Brazil? Or sea kayaking among icebergs on a Greenland expedition? Or trekking to high terraced rice paddies in Vietnam or sea kayaking on Ha Long Bay, in the South China Sea? We live for adventure and search out the best destinations for Kayaking, Trekking, Rafting and Multisport Adventure Tours.

From Argentina to Greenland and beyond, we’ve been there, done that, and would love to have you come along!

Call us today at 1-866-774-3772 to speak to our friendly Travel experts about one of our many tours or just to say hi, we love sharing adventure stories and experiences.

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Thanks to Steve and Kim, the two gentlemen, who shepherded us safely to Greenland and back, dined us royally and toured us around the Uummannaq Fjord for a couple of magical weeks. You guys were great in all respects.


Hiking in Iceland


Dates: Mid October and Mid January
Days: 8 Days/7 Nights
Price: $4595.00
Group Size: Aprox. 10

Hike and explore Iceland with a knowledgeable guide that has traveled to Iceland.

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Greenland's Iceburgs

Dates: July 9th – 23rd
Days: 14 Days/13 Nights
Price: $4695.00
Group Size: 8 – 10

This incredible expedition level trip is a spectacular way to enjoy Greenland like never before.

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Eagle Hunting in Mongolia

Dates: September 20-October 04
Days: 15 Days/14 Nights
Price: $3995.00
Group Size: 8 – 12

Kazakh Tribes in the Mountains of Western Mongolia – Hunting with Eagles, Riding like Ancient Heroes The empty valley around us stretches for miles to blue, purple, brown and white mountains that blur into sky, and the sky goes on forever.

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Sailing in the Bahamas

Dates: 2017 Dates Soon
Days: 8 Days/7 Nights
Price: $2995.00
Group Size: 4-6

The Bahamas are true coral islands made completely of limestone. They are fringed with white coral sand beaches and living reefs of outstanding beauty.

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Dates: September 15- October 02
Days: 14 Days/13 Nights
Price: $4295.00
Group Size: 8 – 10

More than just a spectacular place to kayak, Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay is UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

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Paddle Italy's Coast

Dates: August 3rd – 13th
Days: 11 Days/10 Nights
Price: $3895.00
Group Size: 8 – 10

Renaissance Palaces, Charming Villages, Italian Cuisine, and Bright Water Paddle the Italian Riviera’s Ligurian Sea, beneath stunning cliffs and ancient Italian villages.

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